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After a slight miscommunication with our seamstresses, we have jackets that combine features of our original version of the 4 in 1 babywearing jacket. Morphed with the new version,  we have a special discounted price.  

You will get the same high quality guaranteed! These jackets come with all the same features, EXCEPT there is NO removable hood. (Which will prevent you from losing it, so that's good, right?)


  • Made with DINTEX-Windproof, Waterproof, breathable Material
  • Soft, thick inner liner made with 320gsm
  • Removable panel for use during pregnancy, front or back carries, and as your everyday jacket
  • Attached HOOD
  • Zippered side pockets
  • Large inside pockets (fits diaper and wipes!)
  • Drawstring hem to eliminate draft
  • Velcro Cuffs
  • Overlapping collar with snaps
  • Easy to reach extra long zipper pulls

If you like the idea of having your hood go with you always, this is for you!